Wanderings of Korea


Recently I interviewed Roger Shepherd, who has hiked more of North and South Korea than any other foreigner. He was a former safari ranger and guide and then has a stable Korea in New Zealand’s equivalent of the secret Service before having a life changing experience which called him to settle in South Korea. We speak about his life and what North Korea is really like.

I continue to have high hopes for the reunification process. I wrote a lot about this possibility in recent years and my base case scenario is still playing out. Roger has a very simple – zen-like – approach to the world. He sees it through interactions with real people and in that sense has cultivated a love for both North and South Korean people, something I share as I am married into a Korean family.

Much of the commentary out there is about geopolitics and power. But what of culture and the spirit of the Korean people that might again be drawing them together?



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