Visions of a VC

, Hong Kong

In a wide ranging interview, Benjamin J Butler and Adam Lindemann touch on the rationale for being an entrepreneur, the best areas in which to invest now (AI and Block Chain) as well as Adam’s favourite science fiction.

Adam Lindemann is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, CEO of Mind Fund, based in Hong Kong. He is a keen observer of trends and has watched technology and entrepreneurship change over the last 25 years in Asia, Europe and the US. His mentors include visionaries such as Joi Ito, Director of MIT Media Lab. He lives in between Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Benjamin J Butler is the Founder of the Emerging Future Institute and globally recognised futurist. He is known for discerning patterns and cycles. Benjamin has worked as an information manager for a major American bank, a stockbroker, a hedge fund manager, a venture capitalist and as a designer of dialogue and co-creation.



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