A Rejuvenation of the US

, Hong Kong

Recently I spoke to investor and entrepreneur, Jong Lee, about the future. I like to speak with an array of thinkers and doers about the emerging future. In a contrarian – and perhaps heretical – wide ranging interview Jong says that the world is now moving on ‘with or without China’. He talks about the prospects of Hong Kong and the challenges for China going forwards. In the US, he sees many green shots, including the powerful re-onshoring movement. Every 20 years or so , after going to the brink, the US wakes up. He thinks that this is the time. Especially watch this if you are pessimistic about the prospects of the USA.

Jong Lee is Chairman of RGL Holdings and a strategist, executive, advisor and parallel entrepreneur with over 20 years of substantive experience in principal investment, executive management, investment banking, strategic consulting, special situations and corporate law in Asia and the US in numerous sectors including technology, media, services, industrial, and real-estate.



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