Imagining and Navigating the Future


Prediction, Strategy, and Futurist Advisor – On a monthly retainer have me as a sounding board real time.

This option is for me to be your holistic advisor:  futurist consultant, strategist, and life guide – on a retainer basis. This way we can have relatively fluid conversations via the phone, Skype and e mail through the month for up to 10 hours.

These are the 3 areas where I can support you:

a) Perspective on the Future: what are the possibilities and probabilities vis-a-vis the future. Use me as a tool to give you some perspective about where we are going and what might happen

b).Knowledge and Network: I might have some knowledge about the areas of the future which interest you. I can also go away and interface on your behalf with experts and friends in my circle. I have a track-record in giving clear insights on industries where I am not an insider.

c).Approach to the future: I enjoy helping people befriend uncertainty. How do you deal with the uncertain future? How do you connect with your life’s purpose? Use me as your motivational futurist to succeed in this time of great change.

The Kings , Queens and Leaders since antiquity have always received  counsel from a court sage, scholar, poet or seer (see-er). These figures would be a sounding board on anything and everything, often because they were able to see things that others could not. Elisabeth I was advised by a scholar and magician called John Dee, the Tsar of Russia had Rasputin and the Chinese Emperor Taizong had Wei Zheng amongst many others through history.

There is a Chinese proverb which says “a thousand yes-men cannot equal one honest advisor,”apparently  found in the “The Biography of Lord Shang” in Sima Qian’s Historical Records.

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