Becoming Human in a Technological Age


Title:  Coach, Counsellor

Area of speciality: Motivational Coach, Life Counselling, Zen, The Human Odyssey

Discount on multiple hours

5 hours: 5%
10 hours: 10%

I am dedicated to facilitating people’s journey to find their highest self and fulfil their life’s calling. These are some of the areas we might explore together.

-Key life decisions

-Living in the moment: awareness, presence and no-mind (zen approach to mindfulness)

-Biohacking; everything from diet and fasting to meditation and sports

-Finding your direction or calling in life

-Removing addictive behaviour from your life

-The more mystical aspects of life: nothing is off limits to me!

Our conversations might sometimes be informative, but more often than not they will be dance, where we work together to find answers. I prefer to work with those who are seriously striving for change and it would be most effective if you are prepared to do work between sessions.

It would be conducted over Skype or some other service online primarily but it would be more powerful if we can occasionally meet face to face if I am in your city. Within reason I am prepared to fly to you if my costs are covered.

A Little About Me

I have had a number of different ‘incarnations.’

For 20 years I have studied and experienced Zen. As a student I lived in Japan, and became fluent in its language and culture. Eventually, after I had a life crisis I was forced in to a much deeper voyage of self-discovery. I ended up travelling the world and meeting some of the greatest artists, mystics and spiritual teachers. For the last ten years I have spent over a month per year on deep retreat, learning how to still my mind, how to overcome my fears and how to connect to my life’s purpose. I have drawn wisdom from many of the world’s great traditions and you can read about some of my journey here:

I might be different from many life coaches and counsellors or therapists in my professional career. I started my career in investment at Morgan Stanley and worked at a number of institutions. At one point I was the trusted advisor of many Chief Investment Officers of large funds, harnessing my ability to discern large historical patterns and cycles in the economy and society. I also used this as a fund manager and strategist for a fund and have worked as a venture capitalist, investing in predominantly California-based start-up companies, learnng much about innovation and the journey an entrepreneur undergoes. And I have done work with Asia’s top design school, exploring the art of dialogue and collective intelligence. I integrated all my experiences and became a ‘futurist’ a number of years ago, endeavouring to figure out where we are heading on our collective journey.

Contact Me

Let me know if I can be of service to you.  You can send me a message if you have any questions or go ahead and pay for a session.

“Not all those who wander are lost,”

JRR Tolkien

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