Be Coached by a Futurist

I am inspired by the future we can co-imagine together.

As a futurist I can perhaps shed some light on the trends which are emerging,  where humanity is heading, and teach you how to respond to uncertainty; even in the face of huge change on the planet at this unique time of human history. Whilst I’ve spent a career looking at the future as an investor, venture capitalist and writer, I’ve also been a student of zen and other philosophical approaches to life for 20 years. I can act as a sounding board, coach, strategist and confident for your journey into the future.

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“A wise person once said, ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’. This is particularly true today in these times of great change and uncertainty. Now each of us as individuals are being called to tap into something creative inside us and embark on an adventure to discover a future that in a sense emerges from within.
Benjamin’s life and work experience, living and working in the East and the West have enabled him to integrate multiple points of view and modes of thought and feeling and develop within himself a holistic vision of the future of humanity . At the same time he has cultivated within himself a deeply compassionate and intuitive appreciation for the role that each and every one of us can play in that future, when we discover the light that resides within us and when we have the courage to truly live and shine that light in the world.
As for me, I can confidently say that over the course of several years, Benjamin has helped me both in his capacity as a Coach and a Futurist to re-discover  and rekindle my own light at a time when I thought that it had been almost extinguished. He helped me to bring that light to a new level of illumination and massively scale my ability to share it with others through my work as a technology entrepreneur and venture capital investor.
If you have the opportunity to become a client of Benjamin, seize it with both hands. Its not often that you get to meet a real live Obi Wan Kenobi but that is what you will get if you hire Benjamin and you can be sure that from that moment on, ‘The force will be with you always.’ “

Adam Lindemann

Group CEO, Mind Fund

“I hugely appreciate my sessions with Benjamin. Taking on the Managing Director role for BRIDGE Hong Kong [a consulting firm] was a big gear shift for me and juggling the role and a young family meant I really needed to take the time to reflect on how to make it work, get big picture, get perspective, think abductively and at times get extra support. We needed to make a lot of change and working with Benjamin has really catalyzed this change and my own leadership development. Benjamin is a calm, wise, sometimes unpredictable  sounding board. I love that I am not sure where the sessions will take me but I always know the time and take aways will be valuable.

The learnings, reading advice, quotes, poems, perspectives and suggestions have all been a keen part of the successes I am proud to have achieved over the last 6 months.

I would highly recommend Benjamin’s coaching to anyone looking to think differently, adapt their leadership or future-proof their business in these times of significant change.

Thank you for all your support

Abigail Croft

Managing Director
BRIDGE Partnership – Hong Kong”

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