The Phoenix Generation


A New Era of Connection, Compassion & Consciousness

 Several years ago when I wrote the book The Phoenix Generation (2013-14) I stated that in the years ahead we are going to see great change sweeping through our diverse human societies. I also said, somewhat dramatically, that the 21st century will be equivalent to the ‘flat Earth to round Earth’ shift that was thrust upon humanity centuries before. Seeing what has come about in these intervening years I stand by those words.

Some commentators have been saying that we are in the midst of a 3rd Industrial Revolution, or even a 4th.  Yet rather than referring to this transition as an ‘industrial’ one, I consider this profound shift as a revolution in our sense as a human being. The possibility of a genuine planetary civilization – with unity through diversity – and with the participation of a more awakened and aware populace was never on the cards…until now. We have entered a phase where there will be new forms, new arrangements, new structures, new perspectives, and new states emerging that will either gradually or suddenly replace the old.

We are, quite literally, shifting from one set of C-Values – Competition ~ Conflict ~ Control ~ Censorship – to a new set: Connection ~ Communication ~ Consciousness ~ Compassion. The world is re-arranging in order to come together in countless new ways – with innovative changes in our communication, our uses of technology, through people-centered action, and more. These are the signs of a re-awakening and re-ordering coming about in our various societies. We should recognize that the issues at stake are much larger than governments – they are global and dispersed throughout the peoples of the world. These issues are also too important to be left in the hands of governments alone. The future will be about visioning beyond our previous limitations – thinking anew, and in ways we are currently unaccustomed to. This is the new thinking– not conceiving or perceiving within the old patterns. External change is not enough if there is no real change within how each one of us thinks and understands.

The current generation(s) will be the ones who will have to shoulder the mental and emotional responsibility of change as they are forced to let go of both external and internal systems and states that are no longer beneficial to our future development. This is why I have termed our current generation(s) the ‘Bridge Generation’, as it will be required of us to straddle both worlds. Those generations that come after us will be born as change rather than being born into change – this is a slight yet very significant difference.

Within the Bridge Generation we are experiencing the increasing diffusion of knowledge and information with an unprecedented rapidity. Those of us who accept the responsibility will be asked to speak the language of transition clearly and calmly: that is, the language/vocabulary of the old systems and patterns as well as the new. It is a path that connects both sides during the transition. For this reason, it requires sincerity, integrity, and transparency. It is less about reliance upon external devices, and more about trusting one’s inner instincts. The new values of connection, communication, consciousness, and compassion will assist us in aligning with an energy that binds rather than breaks; that emphasizes well-being as well as well-doing.

In this respect the value of sincerity is of great importance, now more than ever, as we are surrounded by the untruths of false media stories, alternative facts, as well as narratives of fear, bigotry, and the rhetoric of borders and division. What we are involved in is an ongoing work in progress – and it is as simple and as difficult as that.

The era of connection, communication, consciousness, and compassion is now upon us. However, at this present time those of us who form part of the Bridge Generation need to remain grounded, balanced, and work with the disruptive changes in society. In order to ‘build the bridge’ that will help steer us through the years ahead we will need not only to shift our perspectives but also to change the old system game-play by silently overwhelming the incumbent models. Many people in the Bridge Generation will feel the need to activate something – some purpose or meaning – within them. Some may be attracted to books/writings, or to events, gatherings, or other signifiers. The Bridge Generation does not yet share a common story, or even a shared consciousness. Yet these aspects within humanity are slowly beginning to emerge – and not just in isolated, individual pockets as in times past. With increased awareness we can begin to physically connect through our social technologies, and begin to build new potentials through this connectivity. The awakener can now connect with other like-minded persons across the planet and begin to seeds of creative change. Change upon this planet will come through us, the people; and the attitudes, awareness, compassion, sincerity, etc, which we embody and manifest. This is the real stability that can be passed on to those around us: our family, friends, communities, social networks, and so on. Again, it will not appear overnight. Yet the signs are moving in the right direction, despite what we may see on the mainstream news. There is a different wave of change happening, often beneath the surface, and there are millions of people already feeling these shifts or tremors of change. The Bridge Generation needs to maintain a focus on the great opportunities emerging now and not become disheartened. People’s minds are changing all over the world, and with this come remarkable and inspiring potential and opportunity. Things can no longer go on as they have been; this is now plainly obvious to most observant people.

Already there are countless examples of how this wave of change is occurring across the planet. Such examples include how people interact with new technologies; the impacts of social media; new emerging youth groups; and the rise of a global empathic mindset. The influences of new social patterns of connectivity are giving rise to an increased planetary empathic awareness. The power of connected individuals is fuelling the ‘We’ feeling and bringing the disenchanted together to develop their networks. These developments exist in parallel to the increasing rise of the maverick tinkerers, innovators, and creative minds. These emerging new models are pushing against the old self-centered, hierarchical, control systems. Such new systems are showing that a new type of consciousness is arising, which will mark the generations to come.

The Phoenix Generation

 The generation now being born into the world is what I refer to as the Phoenix Generation: those children being born now who will be young adults around 2030. I suggest that it will be this generation in particular that will assist in the transition toward forming a planetary society – a transition more radical than the shift from agrarian to urban life during the 1st Industrial Revolution. This is a revolutionary transition from national-cultural consciousness to a planetary awareness. What this entails is not only a structural shift but also a qualitative one; that is, a shift in our values, psychology, and thinking patterns. It is my view that those of the Phoenix Generation will be born with increased instinctive intelligence and with a greater degree of inherited wisdom.

As the Phoenix Generation grow up and integrate and participate into their respective societies there will naturally be changes in many diverse areas of social life; such as health, politics, media, technology use, innovation, and spiritual practice. We are moving toward the empowerment of the individual – of each human being – and this is frightening for the controlling authority structures. The Phoenix Generation will likely be the ones to free humanity from the dominance of erroneous ideas – ideas that forged war, created poverty and hunger, and sustained dis-ease. We are giving birth to a generation that will be successful in removing these illusions from the field of human belief systems. The new intuitive human has been in the making for some time now.

Those of the Phoenix Generation will usher in a period where the feminine and masculine energies of the world will be re-balanced. Human values of love, compassion, understanding, patience, tolerance, and empathy will be more openly expressed and part of an active world – and not seen as predominantly ‘female’ values. The division that separates the masculine and feminine traits will gradually be replaced by a newer energy of unity – of coming together. Similarly, the artificial stigma around ‘male’ and ‘female’ roles in the world will be changed through the younger ‘phoenix’ men and women re-modelling role expectations. Women’s participation will be more keenly appreciated, sought, and brought into collaboration in such major areas as global politics, economy, and business. The young women of the Phoenix Generation will increasingly hold key positions as change agents. We are moving toward an era of human civilization where the concept of integration and coherence will be better appreciated and understood as signs of a balanced society.

As some measure of what to expect we can see now how young minds the world over are already participating in creating innovative change. For example, 12 year old Steven Gonzalez Jr., who was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, a rare form of cancer, credits video games for helping him survive the experience. In wishing to help other cancer patients his age he then created a video game, Play Against Cancer, in which players destroy cancer cells illustrated as green ghosts. Gonzalez Jr has also developed The Survivor Games, a social network and online community for teen cancer patients. Similarly, a group of four 14 year old girls – who named themselves ‘Team 2-the-Res-Q’ developed CyberMentors, which is an anti-bullying Android app for young people that focuses on building self-esteem and increasing safety. The app also includes a messaging feature through which users can talk to a CyberMentor directly about experiences with bullying. Recently, Natalie Hampton, a 16-year-old from Sherman Oaks, California, designed the app ‘Sit With Us,’ after she had the experience of eating alone for her entire seventh grade year.[1] The new app makes finding friends in the school cafeteria easy as it helps students who have difficulty finding a place to sit locate a welcoming group to join. The app allows students to designate themselves as “ambassadors,” thereby inviting others to join them. Ambassadors can then post “open lunch” events, which signal to anyone seeking company that they’re invited to join the ambassadors’ table. Perhaps the youngest person to have been certified as developing a software gaming program is Zora Ball. At only seven years of age Zora not only created a mobile game app using the Bootstrap programming language, but was able to reconfigure her program upon request to prove it was her own work. Although these are examples of technology-driven youngsters, it does show that there is a wave of young, creative minds waiting to arrive upon the planetary stage

The Phoenix Generation will actualize upon this planet in accordance with future needs. Our responsibility now is to fully engage and be a part of the change that we truly wish to see in the world. This requires that we spearhead the transition at hand and that we show, through our behaviour, the new models for change. We have the opportunity, and capacity, to do this for ourselves and, more importantly, for those to come – and this shall be our true legacy.

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