Missing Links: Gregg Braden

, Santa Fe

Last week I whilst at the Pan Asia Futurists Network in Seoul, I had the great honour to meet some fantastic futurists including Sohail Inayatullah. He and I saw admire some of the great futurists like Alvin Toffler very much, but we believe that many of the Western ones are wrong in one perspective: they look at time in a linear perspective. We think there is cyclicality. I will discuss this much more in further articles, but I wanted to share Gregg Braden’s recent video – which he gave me permission to share – “Missing Links” which discusses 3 big cycles: climate, war/peace and the economy. You might be a little surprised by his findings. The scope of the video is quite phenomenal, going back hundreds of thousands of years. Gregg and some other futurist friends are currently holding a weekly dialogue on some of the profound issues of our time and it is truly quite fascinating to hear him speak.


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