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Newsletter:  “Adventures of a Futurist: Observations on Finance, Society and the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

Last year in just one year I did some pretty fascinating things.

I jumped on to a plane to go and meet a futurist from the Pentagon to discuss next generation energy, UFOs and the future of our species.

I briefed a room full of investors and bank CEOs at the Asia Pacific Financial Forum on the future of the global economy.

I had tea in London with a former psychic who worked for Scotland Yard and we spoke about the refugee crisis and what would happen to North Korea.

I had dinner with the world-renowned author Gregg Braden and discussed new technologies, his travels around the world  and the wisdom of indigenous people.

I was hanging out with a Bitcoin investor who showed me $500 million in his Bitcoin wallet in Starbucks in Hong Kong.

I was asked to present the future of finance to a room full of business leaders, generals, state ministers and the Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China at a financial conference in China. For the first time in a long time, I nearly got stage fright before!

I felt like Indiana ones when I visited the Stonehenge of Africa which might be 200,000 years old – hardly anyone is even aware of this significant archeological site

I gave some major predictions about the world on  Xinhua News, China’s equivalent to the BBC.

I did vision quest work with a friend, Bill Plotkin, and also spent many hours wandering around the mountains of South Korea.

I spoke at the Festival of Disruptors conference in Singapore and ended up chatting late in to the night with a National Geographic Explorer and the former hostess of Asia’s Next Top Model, and now a UN Ambassador for the environment.

I had dinner with an intelligence analyst for an Asian nation and she told me all she knew about UFOs.

I spent time chatting with C-level executives about the future of the planet in various locations around the world.

I went to rehab in middle of the desert in South Africa

I think I lead a pretty interesting life. I have had my ups and downs but now I want to share everything. Perhaps through my stories and journeys, you can use me to figure out where the world is heading and how you can prepare or even influence the future.

“In this Age of Disruption, there has never been a better time to engage the services of a futurist. Today we are flooded by so much information that it has become almost worthless. Benjamin J Butler is known for his ability to see the  world clearly, sense emerging trends, and predict future events. Not a psychic, but a modern day see-er.”

Join me on my travels as I grapple with the issues of the day trying to figure out where we are heading on this planetary journey.

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