“Nation State is Like a beached Whale”

, Rio de Janeiro

I had a fascinating conversation with James Tempelhof, COO of BITNATION, about the future of the Nation State.

Our take is that there must be a better way of organising ourselves than as we currently do. James spent many decades trying to avoid violence and war as part of government and then head of security for a charity. But he concluded that the exercise of violence seems to be structurally built in.  This is a very timely video given what happened over the weekend in Catalonia, with police representing the government of Madrid exercising violence against citizens who were trying to vote in a local referendum. Here re some selected quotes from both of us followed by the video.

“The Nation State has a monopoly over coercion and violence.”

“It has the seeds of its own destruction.”

“To achieve peace and prosperity the nation state believes some must live and some must die”

“Its like going into an ice cream store and being offered 2 flavours – and then everyone having to agree with which flavour you can buy”

“We’ve lost some of our need to be responsible and co-operate. It’s turned us back into children.

“A war is playing out between centralization and decentralization.”

“With modern technology we are becoming both global and local”

“The nation state is like a beached whale”

“This is not civilization collapsing, it’s the birth of a new one…..it’s like a new Renaissance.”

“Buckminster Fuller said you never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

Watch below.




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