Emerging Future Forecasting

Emerging Future Institute has created a boutique forecasting and scenario building unit.

Benjamin J Butler has been predicting global events for 20 years. Like any forecaster, he has made mistakes. But these mistakes are largely on the exact zigs and zags of an unfolding trend. His track record is an astonishing ability to see the bigger trends, the inflection points and the changes in paradigm.

– Forecast the result of the 2016 Presidential election, a prediction first made public at a conference in December 2015.

– Warned that Brexit was likely months ahead of the result (for example here https://emergingfuture.com/chaos-in-the-eu-brussels-bombs-and-brexit/ )

– Called the bottom of the Great Financial Crisis on 9th March 2009 when the S&P500 hit 666.

– Envisioned that as a result of financial crisis, the crisis of meaning would accelerate for many disillusioned citizens in the West, sparking further interest in “inner” pursuits from yoga and meditation to more meaningful work.

– Anticipated the Great Financial Crisis from the 1Q of 2007.

– Predicted the China markets from 2004, when friends in Hong Kong thought Chinese stocks were untouchable.

– Recommended Singapore real estate in 2006, despite warnings by locals that the market was ‘untouchable’.

– Foresaw the end of the dotcom bubble.

Now he is assembling a world class team to help him broaden and deepen the Institute’s prediction and decision-support capacities. This dedicated unit leverages off the intelligence of the wider Emerging Future Institute team, to weave together the various mega trends we are discerning.

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