Financial Market Cycles


I am endeavouring to look at the ’emerging future’ from a holistic perspective. I will brief paid subscribers this week on exactly what I personally would invest in at this stage.


..for the time being, there are people out there who believe that the bond market has shifted and that we are entering a rate cycle we haven’t seen for decades.  For so many years interest rates have continued to fall. What if that has changed now?

“We’re looking for 3 percent to be crossed and that will, from a long-term perspective, define the initiation of a new rising rate cycle which we haven’t seen since 1946,”

Watch this CNBC clip, which fits in with what we have been saying about inflationary pressures.

Rising Rates

From an even bigger picture perspective – our financial system is destined to break down. And this will pave the way for a new system which will commence in the next 5-10 years. I believe that the upcoming break down is completely essential even if its a painful experience.


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