Planetary Transformation: A webinar with Benjamin J Butler, Frijof Capra, and Simon Robinson


Date(s) - 09/12/2016
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


The Emerging Future Institute will be hosting a dialogue between three visionary thinkers on the 9th December 3pm US Pacific Time.  Please sign up for “Free Updates” on our front page to receive any updates/changes about the webinar.

Planetary Transformation: The Future of Society, Environment, Economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

It has been a shocking year for many. The global economy seems moribund and surviving on the life support of unprecedented monetary policy. Wealth disparities are huge and this is now having political ramifications. Britain voted to leave the EU. There is a possibility that others will fall and the entire EU project will disintegrate. Donald Trump has been elected in to the White House. We see continual headlines every day about the degradation of the environment.

It the same time Silicon Valley assures us that things are great: we are experiencing ten Gutenberg Moments with the Fourth Industrial Revolution; the acceleration of robots, AI and driverless cars. We have had a ‘Cambrian moment’ for global entrepreneurship, with entrepreneurs appearing all over the world. New ideas are buzzing everywhere.

Are things getting better or worse? Are you confused? Are you worried?

The visionaries Fritjof Capra (Physicist and Author), Simon Robinson (Consultant and Author) and Benjamin J Butler (Futurist), all system thinkers, will give their assessment of where we are and where we are headed.

Fritjof Capra, Ph.D., is a scientist, educator, activist, and author of many international bestsellers that connect conceptual changes in science with broader changes in worldview and values in society. His current project is Capra Course (, a new on-line course based on his latest book The Systems View of Life. In 1995, he became a founding director of the Center for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley, California. He is on the faculty of Schumacher College and serves on the Council of the Earth Charter Initiative. Capra is the author of several books, including The Tao of Physics (1975), The Turning Point (1982), Uncommon Wisdom (1988), The Web of Life (1996), The Hidden Connections (2002) and The Systems View of Life (2014). His website is:


Simon Robinson; a Consultant and Co-author of Holonomics. Simon  is the co-founder of Holonomics Education ( co-author of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter ( and is a respected global thought leader on customer experience design, innovation and conscious leadership. Having started his career in user centred design in the early 1990s, he is internationally recognised for his customer-centric focus on product, service and platform design, introducing the concept of Customer Experiences with Soul in 2015. He is currently working with Fritjof Capra on Capra Course.

Benjamin J Butler; Futurist and Founder of the Emerging Future Institute

Benjamin is an English Futurist, dividing his time between Hong Kong, Palo Alto and London. He is known for his ability to forecast cycles or paradigm shifts in finance, society, technology and geo-politics. This year he predicted both Brexit and the victory of Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election.

He is an advocate for the creative potential of the human mind. Benjamin founded the Emerging Future Institute, writes for Dow Theory Letters, and is an international speaker.

He leverages off a wide array of experiences and roles including fund manager, investment advisor, venture capitalist, and innovation consultant, seeing himself as an observer of human behaviour and decision-making.



  1. Julie says:

    How do I register for the forthcoming webinar ‘Planetary Transformation’ on 9th Dec please?

    • Benjamin J Butler Benjamin J Butler says:

      At the moment there is no sign up. Please add your e mail address to the “Free Updates” on the front page. Then this will ensure you don’t miss the webinar details or future events and articles. Thank you!

  2. Frances says:

    just participated Symposium Here in sao paulo Pachamama Alliance, I want to be part of this program, thank you

  3. Mia Fant says:

    Dear Bejamin, please keep me updated about how to register for this webinar. I look forward to it !

    • Benjamin J Butler Benjamin J Butler says:

      Please add your e mail to our free updates list (on the front page) and you will be sent the url for the webinar as soon as the link is available. thanks!

  4. Good inititative. The Capra Course Alumni Network is not picking up much momentum just yet, so these webinars may help. What I see is needed is a simple method to become the accepted norm for politics, business and other in order to stop harmful action, as follows: To understand life is to understand that natural conditions flourish within life sustaining boundaries. A cell can develop into an organism only because the conditions for it to live are undisturbed and available.
    If therefore such conditions are not available or are disturbed, life of an organism becomes questionable if not impossible.
    Now, fast forward this idea to ways we perform politics or conduct our business. Same applies; if the conditions for the sustenance of a business or political process are endangered, this business or political process cannot survive. For life and therefore for business or politics, the same natural boundaries of functionality are needed for them to be sustainable. So when a business or political process tries to operate beyond natural conditions and boundaries they become harmful and unsustainable unless their goals or policies are enforced upon us and our world. But from enforcement comes conflict, from conflict comes rebellion, from rebellion comes blood and tears. And that is what is happening. I have simplified it as follows: Sustenance = Life+all information (ps I would like very much to assist you with finding solutions that everyone understands).

  5. Renata Castro says:

    EF crew, please keep me on loop about all the events, including the webinar. can’t wait for that! Cheers 🙂

  6. Marcia Mikai says:

    I would appreciate to join this webinar.

  7. manuel manga says:

    Dear Colleagues,
    I am looking forward to this webminar , so that we can collaborate on building a better future for humanity and our ecology.
    Thank you for offering this conversation.
    Manuel Manga

  8. Suhrid Chapagain says:

    This will be amazing to listen Fritjof Capra, i am from Nepal. I want to understand deeper global dynamics and also from Nepal’s perspective. Will always want to be global citizen with local action.

  9. Gayle Olander says:

    I am not going to be available at the time of the webinar. Will this be recorded and available afterwards?

  10. James Marins says:

    Here, in Brazil, we are concerned. Estamos preocupados com o rumo perigoso que as coisas estão tomando no hemisfério norte. De nossa parte, estamos fazendo o possível com a difusão do conceito tranformador do empreendedorismo social.
    James Marins, President.
    Legacy Institute for Social Entrepreneurship
    Instituto Legado de Empreendedorismo Social

  11. I am in São Paulo Brazil, and itis 3 10 p.m. I wonder whether the talk has started.

  12. Brandon Young says:

    I think the best way to bring about a Planetary Transformation is to harness the global market, and control it from the top down using both incentives and disincentives.

    The Goal Controlled Market model has the potential to align all of the system dynamics, including the politics, the economics, and the ecological requirements. Here is an outline of how the model can be used as the ultimate approach to effective climate action, but the same model could easily be used to address each of the interconnected systemic problems on Capra’s conceptual map.

    Perhaps people can give this model some thought during or after this webinar, and maybe leave some feedback:

  13. I am hearing it now, congratulations!!!!
    Karina Miotto

  14. Fiona Ward says:

    Great opportunity to listen to this thank you – easy to access realisable format.

  15. Clare Attwell says:

    Thank you Simon, Benjamin & Fritjof – excellent discussion!
    I really enjoyed the Capra Course that I did in the spring and would welcome further discussions on this material.

  16. Rosvita Botkin says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful and interconnected dialogue on these urgent issues of our times.

  17. Christina Damasceno says:

    I would like to congratulate and to thank the initiative of this webinar. The concepts ans discussions were very interesting and inspiring to go on in deeper understanding of systems thinking and systems solutions, that together can guide us to consistent and sustainable changes. It was a pleasure to hear Simon and Benjamin and It was an honor form me to hear Fritjof for the first time. I was introduced to his work in my mastering course in Business, about 17 years ago, and the system thinking concepts opened my mind to a sharper view of life and the world. Since then, I have been interested on this knowledge and I am looking forward to Capra Course to really study and learn more about.

  18. Dear Benjamin , Simon , and Fritjof ,

    Thank you all for hosting , even more for your insights and , I believe , wisdom . Also great thanks for the links , bibliographies that got you all started on your respective journeys , and references .

    I echo the comments on the value of the Capra Course which I am presently taking . Bravo to Drs Capra and Luisi .

    I would add two recent volumes for interested colleagues : PREPARING FOR A WORLD THAT DOES NOT EXIST – YET ( Smyre and Richardson , 2016 ) and Professor Thomas Fisher ‘s DESIGNING OUR WAY TO A BETTER WORLD ( 2016) .

    If I may suggest one insight to the global polylogue you have begun with this experiment : Gaians are less likely to launch new paradigms and ennoble problems into opportunities until we co create language to inspire novel thinking without past baggage AND co llaboratively AND deliberatively co design new models of interoperability and appreciative interconnectedness and networking toward a future of empowered and sustainable emergence – the EMERG AGE + , of which we and all generations to come will view this moment , this enlightened inflection point, to turn forward to the Good , the True , the Beautiful , the Natural , the Wise , the Authentic , the Totipotential ………….> When the BEST s of our distributive / collective humanity are combined with the BEST s of our technological wonders – what a novel alchemy we shall unleash ! I for one want to be part of these nested ecosystems toward this holistic EcoSystem ! Let the R – Evolution begin .
    Thank you all !!!

    Looking Forward , Always Forward (LFAF ) ,

    Frank W Maletz MD FACS : official website of HEALTHSPITAL FOUNDATION LLC CT – dedicated to true healthcare – our global COMMON WELL TH

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