Roadshow: Benjamin J Butler


Date(s) - 15/07/2017 - 20/12/2017
12:00 am

What is Your Relationship with the Future?


Humanity is now experiencing history’s most difficult evolutionary transformation.” Buckminster Fuller

Spend 1-2 days with visionary Benjamin J Butler  on a co-creative journey to explore to explore the future. A Tsunami of changes approaches. What is you and your organization’s relationship with the future? Does it evoke fear and apprehension, or excitement and a sense of opportunity?

Learn how to ‘see’ the world like a futurist: cultivate a mindset that can discern patterns and trends. Find out how we accurately predicted the 2008-9 crash and anticipated Trump and Brexit

Understand the disruptive paradigm shift coming out of Silicon Valley and Technology, including AI, robots, fintech, life sciences, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, and the collaborative economy. Look at the revolutions in society, geo-politics and economics.

Explore these themes together with a dialogistic approach, harnessing collective intelligence for greatest insight. This is a collective journey where you will learn from all the other participants taking place around the world.

When the world is changing faster and faster, don’t let the future just happen to you. Instead of ignoring the inevitable effects on our lives and organizations, we can choose to face the future with clarity, vision and purpose by making important investments allowing us to do so.

Our unique approach integrates best practices and insights from futurism, trend forecasting, disruptive innovation, investing , co-creation, design thinking, and the world’s wisdom traditions.

1 day journey is focused on the mega trends and potential investments and opportunities.

2 day journeys go deeper on how you fit in with the future, and are more inspirational in nature.

“An epic 2 day journey….mesmerising in scope.”

Benjamin J Butler is a futurist and investment strategist, renowned for seeing patterns, occasional Black Swans and creative thinking. Formerly a hedge fund manager, a venture capitalist and consultant on collective intelligence, he now advises investors, sovereign wealth funds, companies and leaders on future trends, scenarios and creativity and collective intelligence. As well as being fluent in Japanese, he is a long term Zen practitioner and can often be found in the mountains of South Korea as well as London and Palo Alto. 






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