Evanescence: Life, AI and Finance


In East Asia the cherry blossoms are out in full glory. It reminds me of my years living in Japan and all of the poetry about the evanescence and beauty of life. The sakura are to be enjoyed and revered precisely because of their fleeting existence. In fact, everything around us – including our own bodies – is in transition. And this is why we should cherish every thing in every moment.

As a human species now, our planet is changing very quickly at this time. When we look back we will see how fleeting many phenomena were. It didn’t seem long ago when I would go to my local video store – like a Block Busters – to rent a movie. Now they have totally disappeared. How many more industries and things that affect our daily lives will disappear or fundamentally change – from banks to universities?  I think its not just futurists who feel this acceleration. This week I touch on the future of finance, AI and the current state of the economy.

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