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Inauguration & Beyond : Join Us


We live in incredible times. This week we witness – against all odds – the inauguration of Donald J Trump in the US, and in Europe the World Economic Forum in Davos welcomes Chinese President Xi Jin Ping as its guest of honour.

We have put together a very exciting list of online dialogues at the Emerging Future Institute with visionary thinkers Parag Khanna, Emanuel Pastreich, John L Peterson, Kingsley Dennis and Benjamin J Butler. Book mark our events page https://emergingfuture.com/events/ and go to our landing page and sign up for free updates for new announcements and reminders.

Our series on the future of geopolitics kicks off on the day of the US Presidential Inauguration. This Friday 20th January at 19:00 Washington DC time (21st in Asia) EFI Geopolitical Strategist Emanuel and Futurist Benjamin J Butler will be discussing the Post Trump world. You can watch it live on our site:

Post Trump: A Futurist and a Geo Political Strategist

On the 25th January  European time we have a chat with Kingsley L Dennis an author and future thinker now based in the mountains of Andalusia, Spain.

Civilisation: Breakthrough or Breakdown? Kingsley Dennis

On the 30th we will check in with veteran futurist John L Petersen founder of the Arlington Institute in Washington DC.

Big Changes on the Horizon: John L Petersen

And finally best selling writer and geopolitical strategist Parag Khanna and I will discuss the future of democracy in America and his new book “Technocracy in America”.

Parag Khanna: Future of Democracy


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