Jettisoning Respectability : Future of EFI


Emerging Future is undergoing some major changes, which reflect some significant transformative experiences in my own life. Simply put, emerging will become my own space to explore the emerging future – the collective journey we are all on – in a very personal and human way. Separately, we will launch a funding opportunity to create the Emerging Future Institute. With the right funding (and I mean several million $ – more to come on that) we will be able to truly create something quite meaningful, otherwise it seems too half-hearted to try and beg and borrow for peoples’ time and grow organically.  It feels that this is a much clearer way of approaching the institute. If its meant to be, it will get funded.

I feel quite empowered by this direction – and the possibilities of both the personal platform and the Institute.

For many years now, I’ve been having fascinating conversations about the collective journey of Spaceship Earth, and the people on board. I have had the privilege of having dialogues with futurists, scientists, policymakers, artists, senior strategists to the military, diplomats, regular folk of all walks of life and even spiritual masters. Some of more unusual but inspiring meetings included dinner with the scientist and author Gregg Braden, lunch with the world-renowned spiritual author Louise Hay, an audience with  2 of the Dalai Lama’s Oracles, a coffee with a former psychic for Scotland Yard and a series of meetings and conversations with a former futurist for the Pentagon.  Despite all these extraordinary experiences , I’ve done a bad job in trying to capture the learnings from these conversations and from my own personal insights, which involve both harnessing the analytical mind (and looking at a lot of data and reading a lot of books), experience as a forecaster and seeker of truth, as well as hours of meditation and retreats. Part of the problem is  in endeavouring to be ‘credible’ and ‘respectable’. You might think that is reasonable but not really, not in this line of work. If I am endeavouring to shed light on where we might be heading – looking at the boundaries of human knowledge and behaviour – then by definition you are exploring the fringes. And you hang out with people who – by today’s definition – might seem mad. You risk being called mad yourself (its probably true.) Of course, many of these people could subsequently regarded as geniuses once the rest of the world catches up and agrees, the earth isn’t flat. The other problem with worrying about what people think, is that you can tend to procrastinate. And I think I sat on some amazing materials and experiences for far too long. By now I should have also had several books out the door as well!

So what I am saying is that what I should have done, more than I did, was to jettison this notion of being respectable and just plunged further into the caverns of the unknown! Some people, especially from my old world of finance, might think I did this a long time ago (!) but I don’t think I did it enough.

At this time of human history, I do believe that its so important for us all to throw away the veil of respectability, and be authentic. If one is contained by sanitised organisational speak, academic language and suffocating political correctness, its going to be challenging to enter those new spaces, to be human, and to  find a way out of our various crises. Our innate wisdom and compassion should be our guide, not language itself.

On that note, I increasingly find that on my own journey I am guided to focus upon the individual and not the organisation. This is not because of some moral view about corporations or anything, but this is how I am most capable of being of service, of being the best ‘me’ I can be. There are many great futurists and change makers who are endeavouring to influence and help large organisations, corporations, governments and the military. This often seems like the easiest path to walk, especially as I have a family to feed. But my inner guide tells me to focus on the human heart and soul first and foremost (and corporations if asked). Western civilisation has entered its dark night of the soul, and now the real work of transformation is upon us.

I am also giving myself more permission to be creative, to use imaginative and even poetic language in this exploration now I don’t have to worry about being institutionalised (actually….thats quite a possibility…) , but you know what I mean. It is often said that the artists who discern emerging trends before the rest of society. Its quite well-documented that you often find that ground-breaking theories in physics are preceded in the art and creative world.

The style of future articles and interviews will change and I hope its of some use in your life: for thinking about the evolving and emerging future, for inspiration in these times of great change and to help deal with any anxiety you might have about what is to come. I have quite a few articles and insightful videos with visionary friends of mine in the pipeline.

So there you have it. Hopefully not just a lot of noise!  The aim here wasn’t to make a bunch of grandiose promises but just to say, I am just going to be me and contribute in the way I can. Nothing more.

In reverence.



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