Our Manifesto, which is a living and organic document:

In a time of immense change, humanity is seeking a new unifying story. 

Emerging Future strives to rekindle the fire of the human soul and ignite a Cultural Renaissance of our modern civilisation.  We aim for Cultural Renaissance, not merely a Technological Singularity. 

We further aim to inspire and empower you in this time of great transformation; with insights about the future and tools to enhance your imagination and capacity to thrive amidst change.

Many people around the world have begun to suffer from what Alvin Toffler described as “Future Shock.” This is where change occurs so abruptly and so significantly that it feels that one has moved to a foreign land. Much more change is promised by the Technological Singularity. The confluence of so many breakthrough technologies might change human affairs so much that there is a point beyond which its almost impossible to predict. The advent of intelligent robots, driverless cars, biotechnology which enables humanity to play God with creation itself, and decentalised Blockchain which challenges the very idea of government, all are set to disrupt the status quo.

With these challenges comes much anxiety. Within decades we are told, half of today’s job will disappear. Intelligent robot might be deployed by tyrannical governments for more control and surveillance orto unleash much evil on the planet. These technological revolutions are materialising at a time when humanity is facing countless crises: wealth disparities, metal health and addiction pandemics, ecological crisis and geopolitical crisis.

Whilst we embrace technology, we must reclaim the future from the technologists. Our aim is to light the fire of the human soul, and let this be our guide. At this time humanity needs a new guiding story. Emerging Future’s mission is to encourage a Cultural Renaissance – perhaps we can call it a Consciousness Singularity – not merely a Technological Singularity.  Meanwhile we seek to empower individuals to thrive in the midst of this change so that they are not dependent on the outcomes of the collective.

Here are our specific aims:

  1. To give guidance as to what the future might be. To provide insights from world-class futurists, strategists, visionaries and pioneers to create maps and scenarios for the general public. We aim to democratise futurism, which has often focused on aiding institutions, governments and the military.
  2. Create a new unified story : lobby for and encourage a Cultural Renaissance of Western Civilisation, which embraces technology and cutting edge ideas, but where technology is subservient to the needs and goals of the human soul, and the greater Earth Community.
  3. Empower individuals with tools and techniques for thriving in uncertainty.  Our Imaginal Catalogue will offer both goods and services which enhance ‘future-fitness’ and human consciousness. We  believe that with the power of imagination we can create positive individual futures.

“What we now want is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth, and the elimination of egoism and pride which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and strife… Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment…”

Nikola Tesla


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