The Emerging Future Institute is a space to ask the most important questions of our time and to change our relationship with the future.

What is emerging now in this revolutionary era?

How can we create the stories that will shape a better tomorrow?

What does it mean to be human?

In an era of non-linear change across growing dimensions of human lives many recoil in fear and confusion. One narrative is that technological machines and AI will replace inefficient biological machines. We propose a future that doesn’t just happen to us, but where we co-create with the emerging future a world that is human, creative and compassionate.

We aspire to draw together visionaries and holistic thinkers. The crises of our time are systemic and cannot be solved piece meal by separate disciplines. Creativity and ingenuity comes from the intersection of disciplines and ideas. We encourage a dialogue between the sciences, business and the wisdom traditions.

We strive to ‘disrupt’ the field of futurism asking the deeper questions and fearlessly trying new and ancient ways of exploring the possible, the probable and the preferable.


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