We have entered an age of disruption, chaos and also age of possibilities. This is the Great Paradox; more than ever, people are confused and in need of guidance.

I am Benjamin Butler and I am a Futurist and Founder of the Emerging Future Institute. My passion is discerning trends, peering in to the future and helping others thrive and grow in this new land of both chaos and opportunity. The Emerging Future Institute is my attempt to bring together kindred spirits in a dialogue to discern emerging trends and to further human progress.

The great Futurist Alvin Toffler said that futurism was about “Visionary explorations of the possible, systematic investigation of the probable, and moral evaluation of the preferable.”

Our publication Emerging Future is a platform for an ongoing discussion of the future – the future of tech, economy, finance, society, governance and even human consciousness. We strive to write articles that are insightful, non-jargonised and inter-disciplinary. It should be useful for decision-makers, leaders, policymakers and the general public. We are always open for new writers and collaboration .

My weekly newsletters are essentially the chronicles of a futurist and my observations from travelling around the world and looking at various trends that emerge. Few financial commentators we feel have a grasp of the really big picture. In this age of disruption change will happen in an abrupt non-linear way.

The Institute itself is focused on consultation. Click here for more information. Typically clients want us to brief them on the emerging future, to give them input and context for decision-making and often investments. We give one to one consulting, brief boards of directors, speak at events, run futurist workshops and are open to any opportunities clients might want to explore with us.


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