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Future Conversations: Breakthrough on Korean Peninsula

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North Korea: The World’s Best Investment

North Korea
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A Rejuvenation of the US

Hong Kong

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Future Conversations with Benjamin J Butler

Benjamin J Butler kicks off a new weekly show where he has conversations with futurists and visionaries about […]

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Asia 2038: Ten Disruptions That Change Everything

Futurist Benjamin J Butler interviews UNESCO Futurist Sohail Inayatullah about his experiences of being a futurist and his […]

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Getting Better At ‘Seeing’ The Future

“Knowledge is a polite word for dead but not buried imagination.” E.E. Cummin Caroline Beaton in the Atlantic […]

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Wanderings of Korea

Recently I interviewed Roger Shepherd, who has hiked more of North and South Korea than any other foreigner. […]

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Financial Market Cycles

I am endeavouring to look at the ’emerging future’ from a holistic perspective. I will brief paid subscribers […]


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